July is the month to get out those summer brights just in time for the summer season. It’s also a bonus that its my birthday month so it’s even more of an excuse to treat myself. (I am a strong believer of treating myself as you can probably see if you follow me on instagram).

I just want to showcase my three top summer brights as I have picked them up lately and just cant get enough of them.

  1. River Island Orange Mules


I have been lusting over these burnt orange beauties ever since they first came into stock and I finally picked them up the other day. Who doesn’t love a pair of bright and colourful shoes in their wardrobe for summer? What’s even better is that these went down to promotion price for £12.00! Like how can you go wrong for that price? I havent wore these yet but when I do, be prepared for an outfit post as I can’t get enough of them.

Find them here:

2. Yellow In The Style Bodycon Dress20206222_1516296225058566_1322373838_n

I have also been dying for this since I saw it on Charlotte Crosby. In The Style never fails in my eyes so when I saw this I had to get it. Its such a perfect fit and looks amazing on. The colour is so bright for the summer and the tie detail finishes the dress off completlely. I bought this for my birthay night out in Leeds next weekend which I am pairing which my next summer brights pick…

Find it here:

3. River Island Gold Tie Wedges


Last but totally not least is my new babies. I bought last years version of these however I just had to buy this years as they are so beautiful. As we all know, RI never fail with the shoes. These babies have added life to my wardrobe and as I said in number 2, these are coming to Leeds with me next weekend to style up my yellow dress. Gold is never a wrong option, it literally is the go to colour which looks amazing with anything. These babies are £55.00 to buy from River Island. Find the link below…

Find them here:

Hope you’ve liked this post, feel free to leave comments and follow my instagram for more pics @kheiranicole

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So I’ve officially completed my first year of uni as a fashion journalism student. I’m not afraid to say i’ve had ups and downs throughout the year with tears and tantrums but i’ve came out on the other side with a stronger knowledge and better aspect towards a fashion journalist.

I’ve completed things which I never thought i’d be able to do including video journalism which I never ever thought I would be able to do. I chose fashion journalism because I have always looked up to fashion influencers and bloggers and aspire to be as succesful as my idols one day. I’ve learnt so much about the industy and I cant wait to see what second and third year has in store for me.

If anyone is thinking about studying journalism and has a great eye for fashion, I would so reccomend going down the fashion journalism route as there is so much more to fashion journalism than journalism. I have studied the aspects of fashion in all ages, as well as magazine platforms and ofcourse, this blog. I have had previous blogs in the past which I have stopped doing because of a confidence knock. However, starting this blog for my social media module has made me stronger and has made me want to carry on and hopefully turn this into a career.

Lets see what second year has in store for me. Role on September.


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 Being a fashion student means that overcoming your fears of approaching strangers is essential as one day this is going to be needed. I decided to do a street style on the streets of Middlesbrough. I thought it would be great to find out people’s individual styles and where they get their inspiration from.
Being a nervous person, this was such a struggle to do and I deffinetly overcame my fear. I asked five people for their permission to take part in my street style and I was so pleased with the outcome. I got a range of different styles and everyone was unique to eachother.
I think this is the best part about street style, as it is an opportunity for people to reveal who they are, as fashion is such a big thing for peoples identities. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves through fashion, which is what I love the most.
Check out my street style Stellar here…

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Everyone wants those dreamy pearly white teeth don’t they? I’ve struggled so much to find the perfect whitening product without spending an absolute fortune. I was enquiring at my dentist about whitening treatments but I was told they would cost around £200.00 which is so expensive. I am eventually going to get treatment done, however for the time being, I needed something a little cheaper (being a student and everything!)

I had read so many reviews on various products, however I was struggling so much with the right one to choose however many can damage the enamel on the teeth. I read so many articles about teeth whitening and discovered that the product used needs to be peroxide free in order not to damage the teeth.

I came across Mr Blanc after seeing so many celebrities using it and as it was so cheap, I couldn’t resist a go of it. It is also totally unharmful to the teeth which I was so pleased with.


Mr Blanc have a range of tooth whitening products at affordable prices, but I decided to give this charcoal toothpaste a go first before any other product. Charcoal products seem to be the product everyone is using at the minute. (I have also recently purchased a black charcoal face mask which I will soon review). Although this looks so awful to brush your teeth with, I can honestly say that it works. It makes your mouth turn horrible and black inside but once finished, it leaves the teeth feeling so refreshed and clean. I have been using this twice a day as well as normal brushing with a normal paste and I have seen a change in my teeth. I have noticed an improvement in the discolouration of my teeth which I am so pleased with!


I would totally reccomend this for anyone wanting a teeth whitening product without breaking the bank. This was so cheap for only £12.99 with free postage too. It may seem disgusting to brush your teeth with a black paste but its so worthwile and it tastes nice too!

It is available here!

Feel free to leave comments or any questions!

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So, like I said in my previous post on denim, it never goes out of fashion. I wanted to showcase this cute outfit I put together last week as I loved it. I was going bowling with my family and bowling is always an awkard one, like what do you wear? I never want to look too dressy but I don’t want to look too casual. Im one of those that likes to dress up 99% of the time.

I put this outfit together out of the blue and it just seemed to work. And it was such a good choice as it was the comfiest outfit ever for bowling.


Starting with the scarf, I picked this up at a local boutique last week. I have been looking for one for so long and have struggled to come across one. I was so happy when I found this as it was so cheap for only £8.00. It looks so cute with everything and the colours are perfect.


As for the t-shirt, this is one of my complete favourites. For everyone who is on instagram, im sure everyone loves Hotmess and Tayla Blue. Hotmess is one of my favourite online shops, so when this tee dropped, I had to purchase it. For those wondering, it says “The Best Time For New Beginnings Is Now”. It was also such a good price, I grabbed it in the sale for £22.00.


Because I was bringing back the denim jacket, which I haven’t worn in about a year (because lets face it, when do we have denim jacket weather?) I decided to put on these sweet little espadrille shoes I grabbed in the bargain sale at River Island. When I say bargain, I literally mean a mega bargain, they were reduced to £5.00! I pictured myself only wearing these on holiday, but they looked perfect with this outfit. I also wore my leather look leggings to break up the colour. I couldn’t wear jeans as it would be a total denim overload, so these pants looked perfect.


If you’ve got simple pieces like these, it’s so easy to put together a cute outfit. I will leave the outfit details below…

Top- Hotmess!

Leggings- River Island

Denim Jacket- H&M

Scarf- Parisia Fashion

Shoes- River Island

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Some say that the best product to use on your face is water, anyone agree with this or is it just me that finds that using just water doesnt do any justice for your skin? I love finding new skincare products and testing them out so I thought I would share my five favourite skincare products…


  1. If anyone else loves The Body Shop as much as me then you will know why I love it so much. I always love using a gel face wash to clean my makeup off on a night and this is one of my favourites. This leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. I would 100% reccomend. This is £7.50 and can be found online here.


2. This is the product which I use after the cleansing facial gel wash. I love a good toner to use on my face as it just adds that extra bit of cleansing and makes the face feel even fresher. I love the seaweed range from The Body Shop as seaweed products have always been reccomended as great for the skin. I have never tried any of the other facial products except the seaweed cleansers as I love how fresh they leave the skin feeling. This toner is available online here and is also £7.50.



3. This face mask is by far the best face mask I have tried out. I normally use the £1.00 facemasks from Superdrug however this is slightly more expensive but you get the extra great quality for your moneys worth. I leave this mask on for around 20 minutes and it leaves the face feeling so soft and refreshing. This again is part of the seaweed range and I love it. You can find this clay mask online here for £11.00.


4. My next two favourite products aren’t from The Body Shop, they are actually part of the beauty range at Aldi, LACURA. I love the LACURA range at aldi and it is mega cheap compared to the likes of The Body Shop. I got this for christmas along with the next product and I also got a face serum which I absolute love, except I’ve ran out of that now so I need to get hold of some more. I deffinetly would test out these LACURA products if you aren’t a fan of paying a fortune for your skincare products.


5. This last product is what I use after the LACURA facial wash gel. I love a face scrub as it gets rid of the impurities and dead skin. This leaves your face feeling super soft and refreshed and makes you feel clear of any dead skin cells. I simply scrub this into my skin gently and wash off with warm water. I love this product. Again, this product is part of the beauty range at Aldi and is so cheap at the price of £0.99. You can’t really go wrong with this product for the price of it.

Feel free to like and comment and subscribe…

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These leggings have been stocked everywhere and have been centre of attention across instagram and twitter ever since Kim stepped out wearing them looking so effortlessly glamourous. She doesn’t even have to try and she still pulls it off.

Well, in my case, i’m not quite as glam as Kimmy K so I had to try my best to pull this off. I loved these leggings as soon as I seen them on her and then things were made even better when my favourite online boutiques started stocking them. To take it even better, I picked them up in the sale for just £10.00.

I purchased these from the Megan Mckenna range at MissPap and I love them. I have been debating on them for so long but as soon as they went in the sale, I snapped them up right away.


I was having a mega struggle with what to wear with these as Kim looks unreal and her look is so effortless. I obviously had to make effort to look half this good.


In the end, I paired these leggings with this gorgeous bodysuit from Boohoo. I chose the same colour scheme as Kim as I knew it would look good. The crossver detail on the bodysuit makes the oufit look even better and to add to the look, I wore my pointed toe heels from Primark.




Heels: Primark



Festival season is approaching and with Coachella blues that I wasn’t there, I wanted to do a little tester of some festival makeup for myself. I’ve never actually been to a festival, but I would love to. Coachella is a bit too big wishing for now so maybe I will start with something smaller. I just love the fact you get to dress in the ultimate festival attire and paint your face pretty in glitter.

I have trired out a festival makeup look which I am kinda loving at the minute and I was rather happy with the outcome. I just need a festival to go to so I can re-paint my face like this again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the list of products I used:

  1. Base- Benefit porefessional primer
  2. Foundation- MAC Studio Fix NC20
  3. Brow conceal- MAC select cover up in NW15
  4. KIKO concealer in shade 2
  5. Under eyes- Anastasia Banana cream concealer
  6. Under eyes- BenNye Banana Powder
  7. Face powder-Anastasia powder contour kit
  8. Bronzer- MAC mineralise skinfinish in Give Me Sun
  9. Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam and That Glow
  10. Benefit Sun Beam
  11. Eyes- Morphe 350M
  12. Glitter eyes Bronze glitter
  13. Maybelline gel eye liner
  14. MAC Subculture lip liner
  15. MAC Honeylove lipstick
  16. Avon setting spray


As you can see, I haven’t gone too heavy with the makeup this time. I didn’t want to go too full on incase it just wasn’t for me. I just added some sparkle and lots and lots of highlighter for that festival finish!

Hope you like this look and keep an eye out for more…

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The craze is forever on going for the Morphe Brushes 350 palettes, but this is definitely the one everyone needs in their lives. Makeup artists and bloggers have created an instagram craze over this palette and that’s what had me getting my hands on it.


There’s so much choice in this eye shadow palette, which is what makes it so special. Especially the matte features. I chosen the matte palette as it is so on trend at the moment. The shimmer palette is also available to buy however, but matte is my all time favourite look. I do sometimes add shimmer to the look using my NAKED 2 palette from Urban Decay.

The Morphe Brushes 350 Matte palette is constantly getting restocked as it is forever going out of stock straight away. The best online stockists are Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty for anyone wanting to get their hands on it. It is probably one of the best priced eyeshadow palettes for the amount of shades in it, comparing with the likes of Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette which is smaller and double the price.

kheira 1

The palette is designed to give warm hues and tones using the colours provided and is reccomended to use any of the colours to create the look for you. It can create a bolder look using the more orange and brighter colours or can create a natural nude look using the ligher browns.

Normally with eyeshadow palettes, some don’t make a huge difference to your look. However with this palette, it really makes the eyes pop and stand out. Another great quality of this is that a little really goes a long way; The smallest brush stroke puts a lot of product onto the face.

I tend to start with the white as a base on my lid, then I move to the corners using a darker shade with the colour theme I am focusing on. Then moving onto the insides, I make a lighter contrast. I quite like to then create a cut crease using the MAC NC15 Select Cover Up concealer. Again, then blending out the eyeshadow.

You can buy the Morphe 350M Palette here



Is there really anything worse than your makeup looking oily or shiny after a few hours and not being set properly? It’s my ultimate pet hate when you spend a while painting your face for it to look shiny after a few hours.

I’ve been searching for the right setting spray for a while now but have never purchased one due to not wanting to splash a load of money on one, because is any beauty product ever cheap anymore?


I got this Avon Magix prime and set spray reccomended to me and thought I would give it a go. As I have never used a priming or setting spray before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I always use my Benefit porefessional primer under my makeup however I am loving this spray also. I often use it to prime and set my makeup rather than just one because it seems to give more of an effect. I prep my face with my benefit primer and then spray my face with around 4 sprays of this, and the same again once my makeup is complete.


This totally fixes your makeup and makes your skin tighten once it’s been sprayed. I love feeling it work as you know that it’s actually doing something. The effect that this has is that is closes and tightens the pores and stiffens the face. This makes your makeup feel fixed and set in place. Since using this, I have saw a huge difference in the wear of my makeup. Normally, my makeup will need blotting after around 4 hours, however this is making my skin stay perfect for around 6 hours without needing touching.


I bought this from the Avon catalogue for £3.50 on offer however I think the original price is around £8.00. If your looking for a cheap alternative to set your face, this is the one.

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