Is there really anything worse than your makeup looking oily or shiny after a few hours and not being set properly? It’s my ultimate pet hate when you spend a while painting your face for it to look shiny after a few hours.

I’ve been searching for the right setting spray for a while now but have never purchased one due to not wanting to splash a load of money on one, because is any beauty product ever cheap anymore?


I got this Avon Magix prime and set spray reccomended to me and thought I would give it a go. As I have never used a priming or setting spray before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I always use my Benefit porefessional primer under my makeup however I am loving this spray also. I often use it to prime and set my makeup rather than just one because it seems to give more of an effect. I prep my face with my benefit primer and then spray my face with around 4 sprays of this, and the same again once my makeup is complete.


This totally fixes your makeup and makes your skin tighten once it’s been sprayed. I love feeling it work as you know that it’s actually doing something. The effect that this has is that is closes and tightens the pores and stiffens the face. This makes your makeup feel fixed and set in place. Since using this, I have saw a huge difference in the wear of my makeup. Normally, my makeup will need blotting after around 4 hours, however this is making my skin stay perfect for around 6 hours without needing touching.


I bought this from the Avon catalogue for ยฃ3.50 on offer however I think the original price is around ยฃ8.00. If your looking for a cheap alternative to set your face, this is the one.

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