The craze is forever on going for the Morphe Brushes 350 palettes, but this is definitely the one everyone needs in their lives. Makeup artists and bloggers have created an instagram craze over this palette and that’s what had me getting my hands on it.


There’s so much choice in this eye shadow palette, which is what makes it so special. Especially the matte features. I chosen the matte palette as it is so on trend at the moment. The shimmer palette is also available to buy however, but matte is my all time favourite look. I do sometimes add shimmer to the look using my NAKED 2 palette from Urban Decay.

The Morphe Brushes 350 Matte palette is constantly getting restocked as it is forever going out of stock straight away. The best online stockists are Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty for anyone wanting to get their hands on it. It is probably one of the best priced eyeshadow palettes for the amount of shades in it, comparing with the likes of Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette which is smaller and double the price.

kheira 1

The palette is designed to give warm hues and tones using the colours provided and is reccomended to use any of the colours to create the look for you. It can create a bolder look using the more orange and brighter colours or can create a natural nude look using the ligher browns.

Normally with eyeshadow palettes, some don’t make a huge difference to your look. However with this palette, it really makes the eyes pop and stand out. Another great quality of this is that a little really goes a long way; The smallest brush stroke puts a lot of product onto the face.

I tend to start with the white as a base on my lid, then I move to the corners using a darker shade with the colour theme I am focusing on. Then moving onto the insides, I make a lighter contrast. I quite like to then create a cut crease using the MAC NC15 Select Cover Up concealer. Again, then blending out the eyeshadow.

You can buy the Morphe 350M Palette here



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