Some say that the best product to use on your face is water, anyone agree with this or is it just me that finds that using just water doesnt do any justice for your skin? I love finding new skincare products and testing them out so I thought I would share my five favourite skincare products…


  1. If anyone else loves The Body Shop as much as me then you will know why I love it so much. I always love using a gel face wash to clean my makeup off on a night and this is one of my favourites. This leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. I would 100% reccomend. This is £7.50 and can be found online here.


2. This is the product which I use after the cleansing facial gel wash. I love a good toner to use on my face as it just adds that extra bit of cleansing and makes the face feel even fresher. I love the seaweed range from The Body Shop as seaweed products have always been reccomended as great for the skin. I have never tried any of the other facial products except the seaweed cleansers as I love how fresh they leave the skin feeling. This toner is available online here and is also £7.50.



3. This face mask is by far the best face mask I have tried out. I normally use the £1.00 facemasks from Superdrug however this is slightly more expensive but you get the extra great quality for your moneys worth. I leave this mask on for around 20 minutes and it leaves the face feeling so soft and refreshing. This again is part of the seaweed range and I love it. You can find this clay mask online here for £11.00.


4. My next two favourite products aren’t from The Body Shop, they are actually part of the beauty range at Aldi, LACURA. I love the LACURA range at aldi and it is mega cheap compared to the likes of The Body Shop. I got this for christmas along with the next product and I also got a face serum which I absolute love, except I’ve ran out of that now so I need to get hold of some more. I deffinetly would test out these LACURA products if you aren’t a fan of paying a fortune for your skincare products.


5. This last product is what I use after the LACURA facial wash gel. I love a face scrub as it gets rid of the impurities and dead skin. This leaves your face feeling super soft and refreshed and makes you feel clear of any dead skin cells. I simply scrub this into my skin gently and wash off with warm water. I love this product. Again, this product is part of the beauty range at Aldi and is so cheap at the price of £0.99. You can’t really go wrong with this product for the price of it.

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