Everyone wants those dreamy pearly white teeth don’t they? I’ve struggled so much to find the perfect whitening product without spending an absolute fortune. I was enquiring at my dentist about whitening treatments but I was told they would cost around £200.00 which is so expensive. I am eventually going to get treatment done, however for the time being, I needed something a little cheaper (being a student and everything!)

I had read so many reviews on various products, however I was struggling so much with the right one to choose however many can damage the enamel on the teeth. I read so many articles about teeth whitening and discovered that the product used needs to be peroxide free in order not to damage the teeth.

I came across Mr Blanc after seeing so many celebrities using it and as it was so cheap, I couldn’t resist a go of it. It is also totally unharmful to the teeth which I was so pleased with.


Mr Blanc have a range of tooth whitening products at affordable prices, but I decided to give this charcoal toothpaste a go first before any other product. Charcoal products seem to be the product everyone is using at the minute. (I have also recently purchased a black charcoal face mask which I will soon review). Although this looks so awful to brush your teeth with, I can honestly say that it works. It makes your mouth turn horrible and black inside but once finished, it leaves the teeth feeling so refreshed and clean. I have been using this twice a day as well as normal brushing with a normal paste and I have seen a change in my teeth. I have noticed an improvement in the discolouration of my teeth which I am so pleased with!


I would totally reccomend this for anyone wanting a teeth whitening product without breaking the bank. This was so cheap for only £12.99 with free postage too. It may seem disgusting to brush your teeth with a black paste but its so worthwile and it tastes nice too!

It is available here!

Feel free to leave comments or any questions!

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