So I’ve officially completed my first year of uni as a fashion journalism student. I’m not afraid to say i’ve had ups and downs throughout the year with tears and tantrums but i’ve came out on the other side with a stronger knowledge and better aspect towards a fashion journalist.

I’ve completed things which I never thought i’d be able to do including video journalism which I never ever thought I would be able to do. I chose fashion journalism because I have always looked up to fashion influencers and bloggers and aspire to be as succesful as my idols one day. I’ve learnt so much about the industy and I cant wait to see what second and third year has in store for me.

If anyone is thinking about studying journalism and has a great eye for fashion, I would so reccomend going down the fashion journalism route as there is so much more to fashion journalism than journalism. I have studied the aspects of fashion in all ages, as well as magazine platforms and ofcourse, this blog. I have had previous blogs in the past which I have stopped doing because of a confidence knock. However, starting this blog for my social media module has made me stronger and has made me want to carry on and hopefully turn this into a career.

Lets see what second year has in store for me. Role on September.


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